MasterCard Foundation Scholarships at UC Berkeley in USA 2022

The University of California, Berkeley welcomes applications from suitably qualified candidates for the Graduate MasterCard Foundation Scholarships in the 2022/23 academic year.

The University of California, Berkeley has teamed up with the MasterCard Foundation in a cooperative, international network of education institutions and non-profit establishments that are of the opinion that education is a stimulus for social and economic growth. The future of Africa will be fashioned by its young people, comprising those talented, yet economically underprivileged candidates who face substantial barriers to accessing good education.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholarships intends to create a group of ethical, entrepreneurial, and spirited young leaders who will drive and command socio-economic transformation in Africa. The initial phase of the Program has helped 35,000 young individuals over 10 years, majorly in Sub-Saharan Africa. At UC Berkeley, the MasterCard Foundation Scholarships has offered all-inclusive financial, social, and academic assistance to 123 bachelors’ and masters’ degree candidates from 2012 to 2020.

To exploit the potential influence of this generation, the MasterCard Foundation Scholarships offer next-generation leaders who are devoted to the economic and social change of their region with access to good education by granting wide-ranging financial, social, and academic assistance all through their secondary and university education and assist their transition to advanced study or to the workforce.

Worth of Award

The MasterCard Foundation Scholarships is completely funded

Eligibility for MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

The five primary eligibility conditions are:

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  • Being a national of a Sub-Saharan African nation – If you possess refugee status, are stateless, or have other uncertainties concerning your citizenship, you may still be qualified. Please get in touch with us directly to clarify. This scholarship award is not intended for nationals of North African nations.
  • Doing extremely well academically – All prospective candidates are required to first be admitted to UC Berkeley to be given consideration for the Scholarship award. A key condition for admission to the University is proven academic excellence.
  • Coming from an economically underprivileged background – They intend to consider those from the bottom two income quintiles per nation. This Scholarship award is intended for those exceptionally talented persons who have no other means of obtaining the further education needed to help realize their dreams and motivations.
  • Having proven the will to give back to your community, nation, or continent – They are looking for seasoned candidates who are involved in undertakings beyond the classroom. Some may be directly in line with your field of study, but this may also comprise other matters (social, economic, political) that you are working on and fervent about.
  • Candidates should expound on their accomplishments both in their application to UC Berkeley, and then later on the Scholarship award application.
  • Having stated the wish and intention to return to your home nation after concluding your program – They are looking for candidates who are involved in and passionate about matters affecting their communities, and who will make the most of their education at UC Berkeley to better furnish themselves with the knowledge and training to tackle these matters upon return. While significant work can be done from overseas, the aim of this program is to enable Scholars to go back home, after establishing prized professional connections via internship and job placements.

How to Apply for MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

  • Master’s degree potential candidates have to first apply to the University via the regular admissions procedure before they will be given consideration for the MasterCard Foundations Scholarships.
  • When the graduate degree program admissions process is on-going, the UCB MCF Scholars Program will request prospective applicants to apply for the Scholarship award.

Application Deadline

Graduate application closing dates vary by program. Please go to the Graduate Division Admissions Website for the latest information.

Visit here to apply and for more details

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